Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Transfer

Well, Austin is certainly seeing Panama probably much faster than any missionary.  Let's see.  He has only been in country for 9 weeks, spent 6 weeks in Alcalde Diaz, 2 weeks in Vista Hermosa, and has been in his third location now for 1 week.  This was not a planned transfer but he seemed like the likely candidate to fill a void in a companionship after a missionary was sent home.  He was in a threesome companionship, which makes proselyting difficult without giving the appearance the missionaries are ganging up on someone, so the move was probably for the better, although it is a wonder why one of the other 2 Elders who had been in Concepcion longer, was not sent.  The rapid transfers make it hard to really get your feet planted, but Austin understands and is in good spirits.  He didn't mention anything about his new companion but we will prompt him on his next letter. 

Below is a caption of the places he has been thus far.  Keep in mind that it took him 8 hours on a bus to get from Alcalde Diaz to La Concepcion...spend 2 weeks there...then take another 8 hour bus ride back close to where he came from originally.  Sounds like he went on vacation for 2 weeks. 

We received alot of comments from family and friends that we passed onto Austin.  He wanted to ensure you knew he was very appreciative of all your thoughts and prayers.

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