Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mission Week 15/Panama Week 6: Transfer #1, Assignment 2: Vista Hermosa

We last spoke to Austin on Christmas Day...3 times to be exact.  He had to purchase a calling card to make the call, but it was well worth the cost and was truly the hilight of our Christmas Day.  He said he was anticipating a transfer right after Christmas but did not know to where.  Missionary transfers are always somewhat exciting because you never know where you are going or who your next companion will be until you get there.  But the excitement is always in the opportunity for a change of pace, seeing new places and faces, and learning from a different perspective.

His prediction came true and he was transferred on December 28th to a little town called Vista Hermosa, located just outside the larger town of La Concepcion or Concepcion, Panama, depending on what map you are looking at.  Vista Hermosa is also the location of the Vista Hermosa Zone and is the farthest west mission area in the Panama City Mission and is only a short bus ride to the Costa Rica border.  He is currently in a threesome with Elder Oakley and Elder Pavon, a native speaker who is also the senior companion.  Elder Oakley is from a small town outside of Dallas, Texas and has only been out on his mission for 6 months so it is unclear yet which of the two will be transferred out, or if another missionary will be sent in to complete the pairs(s). 

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So, in the last 6 weeks that Austin has been in Panama, he has been paired with 4 missionaries.  His first companion was only for a few days, which know nothing about except that he is from Peru.  His second and last companion was Elder Lanza, another native speaking missionary from Honduras.  Now, he is in a threesome companionship with Elder Oakley and Elder Pavon.   That's enough to confuse us in trying to keep up with who is who and where he's at; imagine that in Spanish.  We wish him all the best and we know he will do well.

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