Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mission Week 15/Panama Week 6: Assignment 2: Vista Hermosa

Hola Familia!

As predicted, I was transferred on my P-Day on December 28th, which is why I was not able to write that day.  I am now in Vista Hermosa and everything is fine.  It was an eight hour bus ride across almost the entire country.  Vista Hermosa looks to be a little easier to deal with.  There's less risk for being mugged, it's quiet, there aren't as many hills, and I hear that the work is moving along much nicer on this end of the country.  Members will be feeding me even more now, so even though I haven't had anything too odd, yet, now the risk just jumped.  And people here like Iquana.  There's alot of iguanas that just roam around out here, too.  I kinda miss Alacalde Diaz, but I'm excited to be out here.  I even get to have an old MTC buddy in my zone.  My only worry so far is malaria.  I hear there aren't many mosquitos out here, but I kinda want to make sure I get my hands on that vaccine anyway.

You heard correctly.  I am currently in a threesome.  I didn't know that Elder Pavon was so close to going home, or that this was only a temporary assignment.  Are you sure you understood correctly?  All in all, though, I don't mind.  I think a third head could be helpful, at least when people know we don't want to steal their stuff.

Elder Oakley is an English speaker.  He'll probably be the middle man sometimes when there's a failure to communicate between Elder Pavon and me.  He's from a small town outside of Dallas and has been out here for four months.  He seems pretty nice and his head seems to be on straight.  If he's going to be my companion later, I think we'll get along fine, althought, I think it's a little odd that they would have two 'gringos' together as a companionship, especially if neither has more than six months under his belt.

Oh, by the way, yes you can send me classical or church music only.  I would prefer them through CDs.  Trying to do much out here on the computers isn't a good idea.  And my mailing address should stay the same.  As long as my name is on the box, they'll send it through the Assistants until it gets to me.  I'll take a couple more pictures here and then I'll send you guys the data stick.

Not sure if there's much else to write about, really.  I've officially remet all the MTC District members a second time out here in Panama.  It was good to see them again.  I'll try to keep working hard.  I think things will go smoother out here, but we'll see.

You are all in my prayers.

Your Elder, now in La Concepcion, Panama,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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