Monday, October 19, 2009

MTC Week 5: Panama Countdown: One Month

¡Hola, Familia!

This week has been a great deal better than the last. The days here sometimes drag on and take far far longer than you could ever anticipate, but the weeks are always blindingly quick in hindsight. I think the mission only goes fast when you look back on it, but they say things´ll speed up once I get to Panama. We´ll see about that. Anyway, my understanding of Spanish grammar is well enough that I think that I can understand how sentences are assembled, but my vocab is lacking so I guess I´ll be doing vocab memorization drills this week. I hope I don´t burn myself out on it.

As for growing as a teacher, I seem to be getting positive reviews from most of the teaching activities, but I think I can do better than this. I´m going to start really marking up my Spanish scriptures so I´ll be ready to teach in Spanish. I forgot that we start doing that now.

Flu season is in and everyone´s in panic. I might have a few symptoms, but I think I´m alright, though. People here are pretty quick to send you to a doctor, though. Who knows? Getting a good night´s sleep, even this far in is really difficult for me. I just can´t seem to feel not tired for certain parts of the day. We´ll see if that changes. All in all, things are good, I´ve got way more sweets than I know what to do with, I´m fairly healthy, and still growing. I wish you all the best of luck and hope that you all remember that you´re in my prayers. I hope that my mission doesn´t take me too long to get back to you, but I do want to enjoy the experience that I got to personally hear an apostle plead the importance of.

Your Missionary in the Field
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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