Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Note From Austin's MTC Instructor

Dear Brother Mike Ascura
Thank you so much for sending me the blogsite of Elder Ascura and also for sharing with me your experience with the missionaries at the airport.  It really brought tears and feelings of joy when I was reading how awesome this missionaries are.  I know they are and I am excited for the people in Panama and Honduras because they are receiving the resemblance of the sons of Mosiah.

Thank you for raising an amazing son, and now Elder.  He brought the spirit powerfully to the district.  He is an example of exact obedience and humility.  He was always willing to work, he never murmured or complained.  He was always ready to work.  And he will in Panama, I do not have any doubt that he will be a powerful instrument in God's hands to bring his children unto Christ. 

Thank you for being a great example to everyone around you, and for serving this country, your son does really admire that from you.  He highly respects and loves you and your family.  He told me how awesome and fun you are.  I hope to meet you all some day.

Sister Berioska Dezzeo

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