Friday, November 13, 2009

Letter From Austin's District President at the MTC

Brother Ascura,
Just a note to update you on how your son is doing. I just called his Branch President to check on him and the Branch President said that you should be a very proud father with where your missionary son is right now – that he is doing very well and he had no hesitation at all about him going to Panama next week as scheduled. I think you are aware that for awhile he was struggling with whether his testimony was up to a mission but the Branch President indicated that just a few days ago he bore his testimony and shared a very spiritual, sincere testimony and when he went up to him afterwards he asked him whose testimony he had shared, and Elder Ascura responded, “Mine!”

The Branch President said he has really grown and that his companion finds it a real delight to be with him. They apparently get along very well. The report is that he has done well with the Spanish language also. Thanks for sharing this great son with us – the reports are really good and I thought you would be very happy with the news.

A personal side note – thanks for what you and others in the military are doing to make the world a better place. I grew up in the middle east and I would love to see peace come to that region. The common people of Pakistan and Afghanistan have suffered long and the world hopes that men like you making a huge sacrifice can help bring them peace and a better life.

President C.

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