Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MTC Week 8: Last Full Week

Hola, Familia!

It's the last full week before I head out. This week will be filled with classes, packing, and goodbyes. I head out next Tuesday, the 17th.  I'll be up around 4 AM and head out to Atlanta, Georgia and then on to Panama. I'll be the travel leader so that means I get to be the one to sweat bullets when I count up the missionaries one short. But it's all good.  Oh! Almost forgot, I get to give you guys a not-long phonecall from the airport. So make sure that someone is at home Tuesday morning, if you want to hear my voice before Christmas, that is. 

Anywho, I have not yet received the package with the oakleys, Dad, but I got the package with the longsleeve shirt (which I love), Mom, and the Halloween candy. I'll slice up the card for you because, frankly, I have no idea how this is all is supposed to work, what with the mission having it's own system and me needing to talk to leaders for permission to use the phone.

For Halloween, a couple missionaries dressed up minimally so they weren't destroying the dress code, but there wasn't a whole lot of festivity here. There's Christmas lights in the trees, but not much else. Teachers aren't aloud to bring anything and I mean ANYTHING from off-campus. They can buy candy from the bookstore, but I could do that myself.

Dad: Make some money with the engineers (playing against them on video games)? I'd be up for that when I get home. Tell 'em I'll play with only one hand, too.

I'm going to try and get pictures in the mail this week, although, I didn't really take too many. Most of them probably would've looked fairly similar, though. As for my bright companion, he's quite the hard worker. Normally, when they call one person for one of the zone leaders, his companion is also called as the second. So when they called one from two different companionships, we all thought it was odd. They had the opportunity to switch companionships. I'm flattered that my companion chose to keep me, as he always seems to have extremely high opinions of me, if he hadn't chose to keep me as his companion, things wouldn't be too much different than now. I am almost always on companion exchanges with the other zone leader's companion, anyways.

Hmmm. I don't think there's much left I could ask for. Don't send any more bags of candy, though. I keep feeling like I'm going to get diabetes from all the candy I've gone through. And I don't even buy any.

Well, I think that's the majority of the news here. Yesterday, we listened to a Richard Heaton speak. I don't remember what his actual calling is, but he basically makes sure we get fed and have a roof above our heads. His talk was absolutely mindblowing. I've heard from two apostles here and I'm pretty sure we'll get another one tomorrow, but this talk hit home.

Looking forward to heading out to Panama, the Spanish is coming along well, and I have successfully evaded the H1N1 flu. You all are in my prayers and I'm trying to work hard out here, even though I'm not in the field. Try to have the phone working and monitored on Tuesday morning for my call!

Your Elder Who's About To Go In To The Field,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

PS One of my teachers here is working desperately hard to get her green card through because she's immigrating from Venezuela. You wouldn't happen to have connections that could speed up the process, would you, Dad?

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