Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MTC Week 3: Carta Numero Tres

Tambien, Hola, Mi Familia!

Because of the sheer amount I had to read, this e-mail will be a tad short as we are limited to thirty minutes of usage a week. I'll have to investigate a special way of reading the e-mails after being printed off so I don't waste time.

My clothes weren't ruined! They weren't perfect, so I'll give it one more go and leave it at that. I'll make sure to replace or order from you guys anything that I start needing.

Of all my concerns here, I only grow more eager to get into Panama.  Not to brag, but our district is kicking butt and taking names. We are learning the Spanish and have already begun talking about future and conditional tenses, most of us having minimal Spanish experience. According to the teachers, we're powerhouses and steam rollers. Also, I think my companion and I are teacher favorites. Shh! Don't tell anyone!

We are in building 3M or the Harriet Nye building. My companion's name is Elder Burke Albert Louis Laidler. Our roomies are Elder Jon Warburton and Elder Cory Stewart. We are a happy and weird bunch. We are part of district 17D.

Teachers:  Hermano Rivera who served a Spanish speaking mission in Washington. He's half Puerto Rican but has a British accent when he speaks English. So weird. And then there's Hermana Desseo. She's a Venezuelan missionary who served in the States. She's fluent, he's real close. Both of them aren't much older than me.

Our district has 12 elders. No sisters. Unfortunately we had one go home. Tomorrow two more are leaving us, but they are heading for the MTC in Guatemala. There are three missions in our district.
-Elder Ascura
-Elder Laidler
-Elder Stewart
-Elder Warburton
-Elder Grestch
-Elder Morris

-Elder Page
-Elder Roske (district leader)

-Elder Tenney
-Elder Lawrence
-Elder Elison

Since our district leader is leaving, we'll be getting a new one. Rumor has it that my companion's it, which means that I'm the new brains of the operation. Aw yeah!

Well, my time is almost up, so I'll finish everything else I couldn't write in a handwritten letter. I love you all so much and hope that the Lord is taking care of you while I serve. Things are improving, even if they are getting harder. Promise!

Your Elder in the Field,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

PS My district loves your cookies, Mom

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  1. Yeah! I got an email from your Dad, giving me the new web address for this great blog. My comment I entered in the first blog address has desaparecido (slipped a bit of Spanish in there). I'll repeat, saying that your dedication, honesty, and testimony will ensure the company of the Spirit, resulting in growth in your testimony as well as those you contact. What a blessing it was for me to meet with you as you worked so hard to prepare for your mission call and service. You are in my prayers. Que Dios le bendiga. Obispo Nielsen