Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MTC Week 1: Day One: Confusion, Mistakes, and Surprises

We received Austin's first letter from the MTC yesterday afternoon and it sounds like he is off to a great start. We were considerably worried, as any parent is about their missionary being in a new environment and chained to a missionary shadow 24-7, but Austin's letter put our hearts at ease. Parts of his letter are listed below:

I'm settled in after some housing mistakes and a bunch of confusion. I have to go get the correct room key still! Everything's alright, though. Oddly enough, I already have to do maintenance work on my blue suit. The top button popped off when my collar got caught on a stair rail.

Guess who was the devotional speaker for day numero uno? Elder Holland! It was funny because the Canadian guy I was paired with for the day, Elder Alexandre Morin, and I knew the entire day who it was while everyone else was circulating rumors about it being President Monson, who I guess was at BYU yesterday.

The food here looks to be pretty edible and I've already tried to adopt a healthier diet. Excercise will start up soon enough and hopefully my blue suit will fit a little better again. I think that sums up about everything for now: Confusion, recording mistakes, and surprises.

The MTC seems to be filled with young, motivated, and enthusiastic youths; I can't help but feel that some of the enthusiasm is a little contagious. But I intend to stay focused on my goals out here and I intend to outwork any other missionary I come into contact with. I hope you guys at home are hanging in alright and that school and work aren't seeping away your sanity while I'm here in Provo. I look forward to the coming weeks and seeing who my companion here will be and hope to write as much as possible in terms of letters and journal entries.

I love you.

Your Elder in the Field,
Elder Austin M. Ascura

PS: please post on the blog that e-mails are restricted for family only so that my friends aren't too disappointed for not receiving e-mails already. I'd appreciate it if any mailing instructions for Provo are posted as well so that they can have their consolation prize.

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